About Us

CASGA pioneered by a group of young individuals having more than 10 years of expertise in Telecommunication industry. Understanding the necessity of smart phone in today's world and the opportunity it has created, in the Telecom sector, for the young entrepreneurs, have propelled us to create a platform. Through which, we could impart the knowledge gained through our experience, thereby contributing in the growth of nation.

Our Aim

Our syllabus comprising of latest technologies is designed in a way, by which students gets more exposure on practical sessions ,thereby our scholars would be confident enough to compete in today's Industry & excel in their career.

Our Team, not only render the technicalities of a mobile phone to students, but also provide the complete guidance to assist them in finding jobs in reputed organizations or to open up their own centers, also assist the technocrats in doing project works, in a way, that this training adds value to their career. We are proud to be one among the institutes in India holding ESD protected labs, live practical classes with the assistance of Module jigs & Digital toolkit. Our syllabus is designed to meet today's manufacturing requirement with short courses to complete mobile engineer, based on the candidate's qualification and experience. We have skilled development packages for the aspirants migrating to different parts of the world for higher studies, which could assist them to earn their livelihood. By sharing the technologies, our team also aims to create a smart generation by educating people, there by eradicating Unemployment.

In today's world after sales, service have become so important, people look for service availability options before buying a product. We are defining a new face to service industry by providing skilled & qualified manpower. A recent survey has stated 80% of our entire populations are mobile phone users, for which we don't have proficient technicians in this industry.

We assure the technicians who complete our course successfully, to assist placements .With a bare minimum investment of time and money, you get to know the technicalities of smart phone, laptop which on a long run will definitely add value to the career of our students.

We behave ethically and honestly in all our relations – with our clients, our partners and our employees.